European Federation of Foundation Contractors

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Contract Guidance

Collaborative Working

The EFFC believes that a collaborative approach to contracting on construction projects secures the best outcomes for everyone involved in the project. This approach is counter to the adversarial approach that is often seen in the construction industry. The document below sets out the principles and benefits of a collaborative approach and gives real world examples of how this approach has worked.


Special Conditions for Foundation works

The EFFC has produced the following set of Level 3 fair contractual conditions for foundation contractors to use in their contracts and negotiations. The intention is to encourage commonality of contractual requirements across the industry to ensure a level playing field for all and discourage unacceptable risks being agreed to by the foundation contractor.


Dispute resolution

EFFC has collated an overview of the different approaches to dispute resolution across Europe, focusing on methods of resolving disputes without litigation.


Use of E-Auctions for Foundation Contracts

It is the EFFC’s position that e-auctions should not be used for the procurement of foundations construction services. Download the paper for the detailed explanation for why this form of procurement is inappropriate for the special foundations industry.

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