European Federation of Foundation Contractors

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Code of Conduct

This statement of Standards of Behaviour has been developed and adopted by the EFFC. Each National Federation and Group is requested to consider, recommend and adopt this Code of Conduct.

Key Values

The company undertakes:

  • to show integrity towards public and/or private clients
  • to observe all relevant legislation and regulations
  • not to participate in price fixing or securing contracts to the disadvantage of the public
  • to make no payments to clients directly or indirectly related to a contract
  • to demonstrate honesty and transparency in pricing, in drawing up contracts and in preparing invoices
  • to reject illegal employment practices
  • to show fairness in dealing with partners (subcontractors and joint venture partners) and competitors
  • to show fairness in drawing up contracts and cooperate to achieve mutual trust and confidence

The company expects that:

  • partners shall draw up and conform to high value standards of their own
  • partners shall accept that a contractor or subcontractor is expected to make a profit related to the quality of service given and risk carried

Customer Satisfaction

The company undertakes to endeavour to ensure:

  • on-time delivery of contracted services tailored to the customer’s needs
  • honesty and frankness in all phases of construction
  • reliability when giving warranties
  • that the client understands the quality of the service or product being purchased

Job Satisfaction

The company undertakes to:

  • give employee safety top priority on the construction site
  • provide training to employees at all levels of the company
  • promote the employees’ personal initiative thus contributing to the enhancement of all company affairs
  • to respect all employees recognise them as personalities in their own right, regardless of their origin, race, sex or position in the company

Environmental Protection

The company undertakes to:

  • encourage the development and application of environmentally friendly technologies
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