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Contracts Working Group

The Contracts Working Group looks at the commercial issues that are commonly experienced across Europe. The Group is currently working on issues such as the mutual recognition of rig operators qualifications, collaborative approaches to projects and BIM (Building Information Modelling).


Federico Trevisani, Trevi (Italy)


  • Austria

    • Peter Ausserlechner

  • Czech Republic

    • Jindrich Ricica

  • Denmark

    • Lars Rande

  • Germany

    • Michael Fröhlich

  • Netherlands

    • Jaap Estié

    • Peter Vroom

  • Poland

    • Prezemyslaw Nowak

  • Portugal

    • Ivo Rosa

  • Sweden

    • Johan Hagblom

  • Switzerland

    • Dejan Lukic

  • United Kingdom

    • Andrew West

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