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Technical Guidance

EFFC/DFI Guide to Tremie Concrete for Deep Foundations 2nd Edition

This 2nd edition guide for June 2018 provides authoritative guidance on the placement and testing of tremie concrete in deep foundations.

It is intended that the Guide is used by contractors and concrete suppliers to improve the quality of concrete used in deep foundations. Historically there has been limited research and understanding about how concrete behaves in the ground, which has led to problems on site as concrete mixes became more complex with the addition of admixtures, additives, aggregates etc.

The new edition incorporates field studies of concrete taken from construction sites in Europe and the US to provide empirical testing criteria for the acceptability of fresh concrete. The Guide’s data has been collected by the Technical University of Munich and Missouri University using an agreed methodology that includes a range of on-site and laboratory testing.

The Guide now has recommendations on which tests should be used to determine the workability of the concrete. This is particularly useful on site, where construction teams can determine with a high degree of accuracy whether the concrete will work as intended within the pile or diaphragm wall.

In addition, the Guide incorporates work that numerically models the behaviour of concrete when it is poured into an excavation. This is a new area of research which provides new insight into what is occurring during the tremie operation.

The Guide is a collaboration between the DFI in the US and the EFFC, as is a piece of work that is intended to benefit the global deep foundations industry.

To download the guide, please click here: EFFC_DFI_Tremie_Concrete_Guide_2nd-Edition_2018_Final_rev2_28-08-18

Please also download the Technical University of Munich’s accompanying technical report that is also referenced in the Guide. Click here: R_D_Report_draft 2018

Also, please find attached the draft report from the MST on the US tests:Progress Report August 18 – Draft


EFFC/DFI Best Practice Guide to Tremie Concrete for Deep Foundations

This Guide provides state-of-the-art guidance on the acceptability criteria and placement of fresh concrete in bored piles and diaphragm walls, using Tremie methods. It has been produced to address the issues that have been encountered on site owing to the sensitivity of modern concrete mixes.

The EFFC/DFI Best Practice Guide to Tremie Concrete for Deep Foundations has been produced by a joint EFFC and DFI expert task group made up of consultants, contractors and concrete technical specialists from the industry. It has been supported by a number of companies who recognise the importance of the issues the Guide addresses.

To download the guide, please click EFFC_Tremie_Concrete_Guide_Final

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