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EFFC Health and Safety Awards 2024

Awards Application Form

About the awards

The EFFC is running its second annual competition for special foundations/geotechnical contractors to showcase how they are leading the construction sector. Awards shall be given in two categories this year.

  • Project based teams that have set new safety standards or introduced safety innovations raising the safety benchmark in the Foundations sector.
  • Health and Wellbeing programmes facilitated by Foundations contractors inspired by the hazards associated with our sector of working.

The “Project based teams that have set new safety standards or introduced safety innovations award” is intended to give praise to the individuals or teams working on site who have shown initiative and are leading the way to improve safety standards.  They may have introduced new ideas or made practical steps to improve safety on site.  The award is open to named individuals or site based teams for their contribution to drive safety forward for the foundations sector.

The “Health and Wellbeing programme award” looks at whole company initiatives or interventions that improve the health and wellbeing of site teams.  The award could be made in relation to initiatives working to improve physical or mental health, programmes to reduce the long-term health risks typically associated with work in construction, or may be access to support lifestyle changes.  The award is looking for initiatives that could be spread across the whole sector helping to attract new people into the industry and to help to retain the current workforce.

In each category x3 awards shall be given – Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each winner shall be invited to a presentation at the EFFC AGM, and their flights and hotel costs covered.

We also ask that each winner agrees to participate in a webinar after the event to present their initiative so that we can promote it to others for use in their own organisation.

Entry instructions

  • To enter an award, you must be a geotechnical contractor member of one of the EFFC Members (that is a National Federation or a country with representation on our Executive Committee) or an Associate Member or an Affiliate Member of the EFFC.
  • Entry is free, and there is no limit to the number of entries Members may submit.
  • All entries must be completed on this application form or via the EFFC website effc.org. Entries not submitted in this format will not be accepted.
  • Please submit one entry per form.
  • All initiatives and achievements must have been launched or active within 18 months before the date of the Awards. (Tbc)
  • You may provide up to three pieces of evidence to support your application including pictures and diagrams. These should be attached to your application email, alongside the completed application form. Images should be at least 1MB in size. The file name should be clearly titled with your company name and award category. Additional text (other than diagram annotation) included in supporting documents will not be used by the judging panel. Additional presentations will not be accepted.
  • Please submit your entry in English.
  • In submitting your entry, you are agreeing for the material you submit to be used in activities to promote the awards and good practices.

Submitting your entry

Please submit your completed application form by Wednesday 31st July 2024.

Any questions?

Please contact Terri Lartice at the EFFC on effc@effc.org or on 0208 663 0948.

Entry form

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