European Federation of Foundation Contractors

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consist of delegates who have been nominated by their National Federations to represent their country’s interests. The Committee discusses the issues affecting the industry and seeks solutions to them it also formally approves EFFC policies and position papers and reviews the work of the Federation.

  • Austria (VÖBU)

    • Thomas Pirkner

    • Andreas Körbler

  • Belgium (ABEF)

    • Maurice Bottiau

    • Wim Claesen (Deputy Chair Contracts Working Group)

  • Czech Republic (ADSZS)

    • Jindrich Ricica

  • Denmark

    • Stieg Weiss

  • France (SOFFONS)

    • Serge Borel

    • Benjamin Daubilly

  • Germany (HDB)

    • Hans Joachim Bliss

    • Uwe Hinzman

    • Boris von Leubtow

  • Hungary (AVS)

    • Balazs Gombos

  • Italy (AIF)

    • Fabrizio Leoni

    • Federico Trevisani (Chair Contracts Working Group)

  • Netherlands (NVAF)

    • Jaap Estié

    • Peter Vroom

  • Poland (PZWFS)

    • Przemyslaw Nowak

  • Portugal (TDEC)

    • Ivo Rosa

  • Romania (ARCF)

    • Carlos Vazquez

  • Spain (AETESS)

    • José Candela González

  • Sweden (SAFE)

    • Leena Haabma

    • Par Land

  • Switzerland (INFRA)

    • Dejan Lukic

  • United Kingdom (FPS)

    • Bob Thompson

    • Ciaran Jennings (EFFC Secretary)

    • Chris Harnan (Sustainability Working Group Chair)

  • Turkey (Kastas as an Affiliate Member)

    • Dr Rasin Düzceer

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