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Definition: Any company that is in association and cooperation with the Special Foundations Industry (defined here as the EFFC Members) in a qualifying country (EU or EEA) and contributing with its services and products to Special Foundations Contractors and their projects (such as Equipment Manufacturers, Material Suppliers, Testing Agency, Consulting Company Engineering Company, University) may be admitted as non-voting Associate Member.

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    Terms of Membership

    • Associate Members are not entitled to vote at meetings of the Council of the European Federation of Foundation Contractors.
    • Associate Members shall pay in advance an annual subscription to cover the day to day working expenses of the Federation and attendance of the Secretary at meetings of the Federation. (Such subscription will become due on election to the Federation.)
    • Associate Members may request to participate in the meetings and activities of our Working Groups and Task Groups. Participation remains at the discretion of the Chair of the group.
    • Associate Members are entitled to attend the open part of the EFFC Annual General Meeting but may not attend the closed session reserved for Full Members.

    We confirm the above information and wish to apply for membership of the European Federation of Foundation Contractors.  If admitted, we agree to abide by the Rules of the Federation.

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