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EFFC/DFI Carbon Calculator Task Group Working Group

The EFFC and DFI identified the need for a standardised tool to calculate the carbon footprint of deep foundation and ground improvement works. Previously no scheme existed that focused only on ground works that could be used by any contractor or client for benchmarking purposes. The Task Group was set up to build and promote this tool.

We have three aims:

  • Create a means for clients to benchmark contractors proposals against one another
  • Enable contractors to assess how different ground engineering techniques impact on a project’s carbon footprint
  • Develop a comprehensive database of carbon emission values relevant to foundations and geotechnical work

To download the tool and user guide, please visit the Foundation CO2 Calculator microsite

Today the Group has a number of national champions who are working to promote the tool within the Member Countries of the EFFC, the US and beyond.


Luca Bruni, Servizi Costruzioni, Italy


  • Austria

    • Alexander Zöhrer

  • Belgium

    • Ruben Van den Broeck 

  • Carbonne 4

    • Jean-Yves Wilmott

  • Czech Republic

    • Martin Ruzicka

  • Germany

    • Leonardo Söllhuber

  • Italy

    • Luca Brunelli

    • Stefano Margozzi

  • Netherlands

    • Frank van der Wijst

  • Portugal

    • Ivo Rosa

  • Spain

    • Juan Manuel Rogel Quesada

  • Switzerland

    • Dejan Lukic

  • DFI Representative

    • Gianfranco DiCicco

  • United Kingdom

    • Martin Stanley

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