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Working Platforms R&D Programme

The EFFC and DFI are collaborating on the critical issue of improving the safety of working platforms. These are essential to the safe operation of piling rigs. Normally a platform will be provided by the principal contractor, which must be appropriate for the rig and properly maintained through the project. Verifying the quality of the platform is difficult and can be expensive to carry out.

To understand the best methods for testing and seek a practical solution to this problem the EFFC has created a programme of comparative assessment of different testing techniques. This is being carried out in the US and Europe at a number of sites. The aim is to find a cost-effective and simple way to assess whether a working platform is fit for purpose before and during the works.

The EFFC and DFI released a guide to working platforms in 2020 that sought to give Members a framework to improve the quality and safety of working platforms within their country. This involves working with a number of different stakeholders to understand their responsibilities, liabilities and technical matters in order to build working platforms. Each country tends to create their own national approach to this issue, ranging from certification systems to insurance conditions.

The latest initiative seeks to update this guide with leading research into which methods of testing are the most appropriate to use. It is also hoped that these results shall enable us to provide guidance on appropriate testing regimes to minimise the risk of a failure in the working platform. If you wish to understand more about the testing programme please contact the secretariat effc@effc.org. To read the Guide to Working Platforms, download it here.

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