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Carbon Reporting Project – Join the Beta Test!

The EFFC has created a simple MS Form to enable contractors to report their carbon and calculate your Scope 1 and 2 emissions of CO2e if you do not currently know them. These Scopes cover the consumption of energy either directly or indirectly. Scope 3 data can also be submitted where known (this is typically job site emissions from materials, cement, reinforcement and diesel).

This project is designed to help contractors get ready for the requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) that shall require all EU based contractors to report on their audited carbon consumption figures and reduction plans. This shall either be directly or indirectly depending on the size of the contractor and who they work for. Contractors unable to provide these figures are likely to find themselves at a competitive disadvantage and excluded from any public projects in the EU.

Our intention is to collect data from a representative sample of companies across Europe in order to establish a benchmark for carbon consumption per €m revenue in the industry. This should allow contractors to assess how they are performing against the wider industry. It may also be possible to review this against contractors of similar size (e.g. small, medium, large) or other relevant factors. However, how we report on the data has not yet been determined beyond anonymising and aggregating the data, and shall be subject to strict privacy protocols so that no individual contractor is identifiable. We stress that no aggregated data shall be made public unless agreed by the EFFC Executive Committee.

It should also be noted that the carbon data being submitted under the CSRD is going to be published by the EU starting in 2025 for 2024. The data we are asking for is therefore likely to be put into the public domain by the contractors themselves.

We ask you to please participate in the project so that we can have as accurate a data set as possible. Reporting should be on a quarterly basis ideally, so that we are able to see a rolling picture of how the sector is performing. It is hoped that we shall be able to see carbon consumption reduce over time as low carbon materials and electric machinery are increasingly used.

To participate please click here.

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