European Federation of Foundation Contractors

Grand Palais

President’s welcome

The new EFFC website, www.effc.org has recently gone live. It was established to promote networking between the many Member Federations as well as to foster the cooperation with our partners and industry colleagues. I further shall demonstrate the capabilities of our Industry and shall show that Special Foundations has contributed substantially the construction of some of Europe most iconic Buildings.

This newsletter is designed to run alongside the new website adding further information as well as highlighting specific topics that we, the EFFC, wish to bring to your attention through a separate medium.

The Members of our Federation span 16 Countries throughout Europe and are made up of over 370 Specialist Foundation Contractors, working in Specialist Foundations. Collectively we represent our Industry in Europe and contribute to the development in technical applications, in modern contractual partnership alliances and to ever safer working environments.

As a result, our Industry is full of news, which appears on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and it is a great challenge of our Federation to gather these news items in a timely manner and bring it to the attention of all our colleagues and partners. Every National Federation, its individual Member Companies and every individual person is invited to contribute to knowledge sharing and to mutual learning. I also extend this invitation to our industry partners and friends asking them to contribute with their knowledge and developments in future Newsletters and help solidify the future of construction.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and that it encourages you to visit our new website. Please feel free to email me with your suggestions for future articles or your own contributions.

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