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The Portuguese Foundation Contractors Group

The Portuguese Foundation Contractors Group represents five companies operating in Portugal.

The main objectives of this group are:
• Contribute to the dissemination of the state of art in geotechnical works.
• To collaborate with others professional and scientific organization to promote site visits, seminars and conferences, master thesis and post-graduation courses.
• To participate in EFFC technical activities in order to anticipate best practices and future changes in the execution of geotechnical works standards.

Past and future activities:
• Contribution to the dissemination and translation of special geotechnical works standards (Ground Anchor Seminar held in 7th April 2016, translation of EN1537 (published), EN1536, EN14199 and EN14490 coordinated by the National Normalization Committee – CT156 – Geotechnics in Civil Engineering).
• Dissemination of the EFFC technical guidance (EFFC – Tremie Concrete Guide) (presentation and technical paper in the 15th National Geotechnical Congress, 2016).
• Dissemination of the EFFC eCO2 carbon calculator (presentation and technical paper in the 14th National Geotechnical Congress, 2014), master thesis “Carbon Calculator for Geotechnical Works, Porto University, 2014), post-graduation course (Carbon Footprint in soil Treatment Solutions, 2016) and technical papers (Assessing the production of jet mix columns using alkali activated waste based on mechanical and financial performance and CO2 (eq) emissions – Journal of Cleaner Production, 2015).
• Participation in some EFFC working groups, namely, Technical Working Group and eCO2 Working Group.

This article has been provided by Ivo Rosa, Chairman of The Portuguese Foundation Contractors Group.

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