European Federation of Foundation Contractors

Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Germany, Bauer JV Lehrter

NVAF (Netherlands Foundation Contractors Association)

NVAF (Netherlands Foundation Contractors Association) are a middle-sized federation of entrepreneurs, foundation contractors as well as owners of foundation equipment. Its 85 members are engaged in building all kinds of constructions using all current foundation techniques.

General issues for NVAF activities are:
1. Improvement of image and training
2. Standardisation, both European and national
3. National guidelines for the foundation industry
4. Development of standard specification chapters
5. General Conditions for specialised foundation work
6. The national Health & Safety Catalogue
7. Approval and certification of safe equipment
8. Noise reduction and work platforms stability
9. Participation in international organisations
10. Promotion & publicity.

Of all current activities and projects most attention and effort are devoted to training, safety and environment, and image improvement in general.
NVAF is a member of the European Federation of Foundation Contractors (EFFC) and the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI).

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