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Safety – safe use of lifting equipment

“Safety is paramount in our Industry” says Luc van Hecke, Chairman of the Working Group HSE, as it is across the wider construction sector. One of our core objectives is to continually improve safety and the working conditions of not only our own workers but also those of our partners and trades that work alongside us.

This section of the Newsletter is intended for displaying safety examples of the day-to-day work of our Industry.

The first topic for consideration is “Lifting Equipment” and we wish to start a series of safety examples that call upon our continuous focus during our daily activities on site.

Lifting equipment as well as all further topics to come, are ideal examples of topics for tool box meetings on site.

It remains our prime objective to work safely on all our projects throughout the Federation. With this objective in mind the EFFC is urging all its members to examine its procedures and protocols for the co-ordination of co-activity of safety on-site.

Safety is the one area where there can be NO compromise!

Download our safety document on LIFTING EQUIPMENT

Download our Tool Box Talk HSE – Monthly topic – 01 – Lift planning

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