European Federation of Foundation Contractors

Grand Palais

AGM of the German Federation BFA

The Annual General Meeting of the Bundesfachabteilung Spezialtiefbau (BFA) took place on the 14th of September 2016 and twenty six members were present.

The Chairman, Mr. Uwe Hinzmann, welcomed the participants and emphasised the issue of compliance, reminding all participants of the purpose of the meeting – to promote the common interests of Special Foundations in Germany and Europe.

The meeting continued with topics such as HSE, Noise on Construction Sites, Standards and Environment & Sustainability.

The President of the EFFC was then invited to present the work and topics of the European Federation, the EFFC.

At the end of the AGM, Safety Awards were presented for the first time.  Companies who had performed exceptionally well in view of low accidents rate were recognised.  A Bronze Medal was awarded to companies which had performed over 12.5% higher than the average accident rate of the Federation.  A Silver Medal was given to companies that performed 25% higher and a Gold Medal was awarded to those companies that performed 50% higher than the average.

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