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New Carbon Reduction Guide for Contractors

The EFFC has published their Carbon Reduction Guide to help foundation contractors meet emerging requirements to reduce the carbon footprint of construction projects.

This the first sustainability guide in a series that will provide pragmatic guidance on the ways contractors may approach our common goals in this area. Governments, project owners, consultants, contractors and the wider supply chain all have vital roles to play and these publications are intended to help foundation contractors meet their commitments. The document below should not be treated as a set of minimum requirements. It will be updated as additional approaches, products and initiatives arise.

EFFC-Carbon Reduction Guide_FINAL

Sustainability can be divided into three key pillars, covering environmental, social and economic sustainability. Within these pillars, the EFFC Sustainability Working Group (EFFC SWG) aligns sustainability initiatives with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which every UN country has signed up to achieve by 2030. This means the Goals are global and holistic, covering all areas of sustainability. They are also used by a number of geotechnical and other construction companies to report on sustainability. This means the Goals become a common language to communicate sustainability.

A lot of work is needed to achieve these SDGs. We need to adapt current standards, redesign construction projects and invest considerably in innovation if we are to meet these goals by 2030. Geotechnical companies can do many things, but they cannot do this alone. Therefore, legislators, construction clients, designers, main contractors, geotechnical companies and their supply chains all must play their fair part in achieving these SDGs.

The EFFC SWG plans to publish sustainability guides for the most relevant SDGs. These guides are intended to support geotechnical companies, with practical suggestions for how they can play their part in enabling the SDGs. They are not minimum requirements or sector standards, but rather practical support guides, sharing good practice.

This first guide focuses on carbon reduction, with Sustainable Development Goal 13 (Climate Action) and Sustainable Development Goal 7 (Renewable and Clean Energy). For more general advice on sustainability key terms, concepts, legislation and accreditations for geotechnical companies, see the EFFC Sustainability Overview.

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