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DFI-EFFC Conference 2025: Geotechnics Reimagined – Call for abstracts

Bruges, 21 May 2025 - 24 May 2024

DFI-EFFC International Conference on Deep Foundations: Geotechnics reimagined

DFI and EFFC are hosting a conference on the theme of Geotechnics Reimagined: The New Frontiers in Ground Engineering. It shall take place Wednesday 21st to Friday 23rd May 2025 in Bruges, Belgium.

We live in a time of massive transformation. Our economies are striving to become circular, with essential decarbonisation at a time when we are expanding the infrastructure our societies need. New technologies, digitalisation, automation and AI are promising new capabilities that need to be tested in the real world. These bring challenges and opportunities for ground engineering in terms of what we can build, how we can use and re-use assets in the ground and how we construct in collaboration with others.

The DFI/EFFC Conference shall show what is innovative right now and explore what the future looks like for ground engineering.

Already new collective issues are emerging and we’re interested to receive abstracts for papers on topics such as

Encompassing the human living environment in design and execution
of ground engineering works (works in urban areas devoted to life and to work; safety interaction with inhabitants and commuters);

  • Embracing sustainability and reducing CO2 production in foundation design and execution (enhancement of equipment and electrical equipment; concrete mix design, cement type and geopolymer concrete; mix-in-place techniques instead of soil removal; geothermal foundations; minimising and management of spoil)
  • Recognising the impact of digitalization on, and incorporating it into, foundation design and execution (artificial intelligence; construction data logging and management; recent developments in monitoring);
  • Re-using and strengthening existing foundations: evaluating geotechnical response and structural strength in view of design life; integrating existing and new foundations (design and technical challenges and advantages; codes and standards);
  • Minimising the impact of foundation works in sensitive urban and/or natural environments (noise; vibrations; public interaction; underwater piling works);
  • Risk sharing with development of new sustainable foundation concepts; conflicts with existing codes and standards;
  • Broadening the scope of usual ground engineering techniques for special and non-classic applications (developments; case histories);
  • Reinventing our business and contractual environment, our procurement methods, our safety culture, and the way we deal with workforce development, diversity, regulations or standards.

Both papers with a more general prospective view as well as those with detailed and well-documented case histories will be considered. All accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings and selected papers will be accepted for podium presentations.


The conference also embraces new talent and calls ground engineering post-graduates and undergraduates to submit papers. These should contribute to the industry’s knowledge or approach to what is possible within the technical sphere. There shall be a special programme for early careers individuals.

We are planning a special interactive exhibition area for young people and students to learn about our industry and find out how they can enter the industry and thrive in a technologically advanced career at the forefront of the fight against climate change.


For the first time we shall be sharing innovations in site and organisational safety in the industry, with an exhibition of equipment and techniques to reduce risks within the industry. We encourage contractors, suppliers and H&SQE professionals to share their innovative practices, equipment and training to build an ever-safer industry.

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