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EFFC call for EU and governmental action on COVID 19

In response to the current COVID 19 crisis the EFFC’s main concern is keeping our construction workers safe. We expect our foundation contractor members to follow all relevant national government guidance on social distancing, travel, accommodation, and on-site precautions such as the use of additional PPE.

Financially this is an incredibly difficult time for the construction industry. While many projects are now re-starting after enforced lockdown periods, it is widely anticipated that private construction will significantly slow in the coming months.

As a European Federation we ask that governments and clients across Europe support the construction industry throughout this Covid-19 driven recession.  It is critical that cash flows through the supply-chain to ensure contractors can limit bankruptcies and continue to invest in the people, skills, equipment and innovation needed for high quality and efficient construction.

We urge governments to promptly solve issues relating to public infrastructure projects so that they can continue without delay. In addition, it would help the industry if public projects scheduled for the future are started sooner. This will significantly help to keep the industry financially stable.

We request that governments introduce legal requirements for clients to provide proper extensions of time and be reasonable regarding contractual obligations to lost time and increased costs resulting from the change in working practices dictated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Finally, whilst the EFFC understands that the movement of people must be temporarily restricted, we would like to highlight that the mobility of our workers is integral to our industry. It is vital for us that European governments prioritise the implementation of safe testing and travelling methods so as to allow for travel across borders to restart quickly so as to minimise the damage to the construction industry.

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